Case CLosed


Art Director

Head Background Artist

Head Compositor


Keys, Inbetween, Clean Up, Colour


When an unexpected security feature derails her mission, a brash spy is forced to pursue a runaway villain in a chaotic chase through and on top of a commuter train. There’s nowhere to run and failure is not an option.

After sketching lots of character designs, I came up with Spy and Wallace and their bold silhouettes really stood out. I wanted to bring something different and unique to the films, by including elements of motion graphics and graphic design shapes. This meant that my film was going to be very stylised, but as the characters proportions are silly, they had to be accompanied with a ridiculous story.The plot was centred around a briefcase locked by a finger print passcode, what could possibly go wrong?

This film has been once in a life time opportunity to direct, and I have learn so much from this experience. I was hands on in all areas of the project, whilst also directing my team. During the Corona Virus pandemic our team were driven to get the film finished from home, and we did despite the circumstances. This was such a great achievement for us, that Spy and Wallace's story can get told to a wider audience. Case Closed has now been entered into the 2020 festival run !


Character Design

Character Design

Vis Dev and backgrounds

Shot breakdowns

I was responsible for doing all the layouts for the film, working in both 3D and 2D mediums to make sure the shots matched the dynamic animatic. Once the 3D model of the train was complete, I would set up the camera to match the animatic's perspective. Then use these layouts to give to the animators and background artists, this was very efficient as we got a good rhythm going during production.

As well as director, I also composited all of the shots and added VFX. Here are some breakdowns of how much work goes behind each shot.

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