the design of case closed

bACKGROUND PAINTING and development

Taking the role of art director, meant that I could immerse myself in the role of the characters and visualise a environment in which they inhabit. I took on the majority of backgrounds in order to develop the style of the film and to find the perfect colour palette for the interior of the train. Here are some development work I did of the interior of the train. I have also included all of the backgrounds I made for the film, including the finished shot. I also did all of the compositing. It was a lot of work however it helped me know which tool would be best for the lighting of the shot. I made sure I had most of the lighting nailed down in the background final pass, and then I could enhance this in compositing.

the design of BBC coronavirus poem

personal design work


In my spare time I like to improve my painting skills and improve my lighting and perspective skills. When I paint I combine the knowledge that I have gained from compositing so that I can enhance the level of lighting in the scene with painting techniques. I also love to use texture when I paint, thats how I think the paintings come to life and feel real. With backgrounds I have learnt that more details is the key to a good background, so that the characters exsist in the painting and they have their own world.